Avoiding plagiarism in academic writing


Recently, our national newspapers were filled with sensational news on plagiarism. The culprit article was retracted by the journal and the authors were blacklisted for scientific misconduct.

With the rising pressure to publish scientific articles for academic promotion and recognition, the chances of submitting a plagiarized article for publication is extremely high. However, a completely plagiarized text as seen in the newspaper is rare. Most of the times authors tend to copy one sentence from a paper and another sentence from a similar paper to express their ideas as it is extremely easy to copy and paste from the internet. Sometimes, authors think that citing the original text actually removes the chance of one’s text being called plagiarized. So, what actually at the Journal of Society of Anesthesiologists of Nepal is considered to be plagiarism?

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Apurb Sharma, Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre
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