Coronavirus disease: Challenges and implications for anesthesiologists of developing countries

Keywords: Anesthesia, COVID-19, Developing country


The coronavirus disease is a rapidly evolving pandemic. It has already taken many lives all over the world. Anesthesiologists of developing countries are in the forefront of management of infected patients. The possibility of a surge of coronavirus disease cases and shortage of protective personnel equipment (PPE) including N-95 masks, are few of the many challenges that anesthesiologists are facing in a developing country like Nepal. It is likely that the disease and management problems will be with us for months or even years. This article discusses the possible scenario of coronavirus disease after the pandemic surge and the possibility of the return of similar epidemics in the future. The article also discusses a few possible measures that we can take to protect ourselves and our patients during the pandemic and from similar epidemics/pandemics in the future.

Author Biography

Apurb Sharma, Nepal Mediciti Hospital, Sainbu, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur

Head, Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management 


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